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NYC Hypertension Specialist

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Dr. Mann is a hypertension specialist practicing in New York, affiliated with New York Presbyterian Hospital – Weill Cornell Medical College. He believes that we have the knowledge and medications to bring blood pressure under control without side effects in almost all patients. However, too many treated patients are living with inadequately controlled hypertension and/or are suffering from avoidable side effects because they are not on the medication that is right for them.

nurse talking with older male patient

Areas of Focus

Dr. Mann focuses on both drug- and non-drug treatment of hypertension. Areas of particular interest include resistant hypertension, paroxysmal (episodic) hypertension, mind-body aspects of hypertension, and hypertension in young adults.

His approach to treatment is to determine the underlying causes of a patient’s hypertension, focusing on whether the hypertension is driven by the kidneys, the sympathetic nervous system, endocrine factors and/or the mind-body connection. Understanding this allows for selection of treatment best suited for each individual patient, maximizing effectiveness and minimizing side effects.


Book Your Appointment

Please contact Dr. Mann’s office to book an appointment. He is available for in-person or video visits. Call his office at 646-962-2605 to book your appointment.

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