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In his new book, Dr. Samuel Mann presents a pioneering understanding of the unrecognized role in the mind-body connection of emotions that we don’t feel and are completely unaware of. Vivid case histories and supportive evidence will strongly convey the powerful role of repression of painful emotion as a widely unrecognized key component of both our emotional resilience and of the mind-body connection. More importantly, he highlights how this understanding can empower readers to seek healing pathways or pharmacologic approaches that would not have been considered.

Samuel J. Mann, M.D.

Nationally Known Author and Hypertension Specialist

Beyond Mainstream Medical Thinking

Dr. Samuel Mann’s Blog Series

Beyond Mainstream Medical Thinking

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About Samuel J. Mann, M.D.

Dr. Mann is a physician, author and researcher specializing in the management of hypertension at New York Presbyterian Hospital and Weill Cornell Medical College.

While Dr. Mann is from a prestigious medical institution at the forefront of heart health and traditional medicine in the US, he offers an important alternative perspective that goes beyond mainstream schools of thought. He offers an understanding that helps optimize individualization and effectiveness of treatment of hypertension.

He has released two pioneering, well reviewed books on hypertension, and his soon to be launched book Hidden Within Us will highlight a new understanding of the mind- body connection as it pertains to medical conditions.

He has published numerous papers in leading medicine, hypertension and psychology journals and received national media and broadcast coverage on the subject matter.

Hypertension and You by Dr. Samuel Mann

Hypertension and You

Old Drugs, New Drugs and the Right Drugs for Your High Blood Pressure

This book focuses on the drug treatment of hypertension with the message that even though we have many effective drugs millions are living with inadequate blood pressure control and/or avoidable side effects because they are not on the medication that is right for them. The book explains in understandable language how we can control hypertension without side effects in almost every patient by selecting the medication that is right for each individual.

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Healing Hypertension book by Samuel J Mann

Healing Hypertension

A Revolutionary New Approach

This book explains why decades of mind/body research focused on the usual suspects of stress, anger and anxiety have failed to help us understand or treat hypertension, and puts the spotlight on a new understanding of the mind/body connection.

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