Dr. Mann is an award winning author, with 3 books written. His area of expertise and writing revolves around hypertension, traditional medicine and the revolutionary new insights regarding the mind-body connection.


Hidden Within Us

A radical New Understanding of the Mind-Body Connection


Hidden Within Us offers a pioneering understanding of the relationship between emotions and health, one rarely considered by physicians, patients, and research psychologists.

Nearly all mind-body research and publications focus on the emotional distress we consciously experience, with limited results in terms of understanding and treating medical illnesses. Hidden Within Us brings attention instead to the burden of emotions kept from our conscious awareness by repression.

Case studies and published evidence will convey to readers the rarely recognized value, and harm, of emotion repression: Its value as an overlooked cornerstone of emotional resilience in many of us. Its harm in the unrecognized impact of repressed, unfelt emotions on our health, with relevance to many highly prevalent yet still inadequately explained and treated medical conditions.

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Hypertension and You

Old Drugs, New Drugs, and the Right Drugs for Your High Blood Pressure


Dr. Mann, a nationally recognized hypertension specialist, identifies the drugs most likely to have side effects, and those that can be used in their place. He describes the shortcomings of some of the new drugs, while also introducing readers to some excellent old drugs that are woefully underused as a result of the publicity blitz surrounding the new, expensive ones.

In this book, Dr. Mann emphasizes the importance of matching the medication and dosage to the individual who will be taking them, and presents the overlooked clues that can tell us who should be on which drug (even an excellent drug can be the wrong one if it is given to the wrong person or in the wrong dose). Hypertension and You is directed at the more than 50 million Americans (including a majority of people over the age of 60) who are taking blood pressure medication.

This book shows how medications can be prescribed more wisely to achieve better results and gives patients the knowledge they need to capably discuss their medications with their health care providers.

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Healing Hypertension

A Revolutionary New Approach


This was Dr. Mann's first book that introduced the new understanding of the mind/body connect in patients with hypertension (high blood pressure). His recent book on the topic, Hidden Within Us, further develops the understanding of the mind/body connection as it relates

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