The Mind-Body Connection

Explore a groundbreaking perspective on the mind-body connection with Dr. Mann. Discover how repressed emotions, often lurking beneath our awareness, can influence our health and contribute to chronic medical conditions


For years, the mind/body connection has captivated our curiosity, with extensive research exploring the link between emotional distress and various medical conditions. Stress reduction techniques have been touted as potential remedies. However, despite numerous studies scrutinizing anger, anxiety, and stress levels, concrete evidence for a direct link between these emotions and illness remains elusive.

Direct vs. Indirect Effects of Stress

It's essential to distinguish between the direct and indirect effects of stress on our health. While stress can indirectly lead to unhealthy behaviors such as overeating, weight gain, smoking, and substance abuse, which undoubtedly contribute to health problems, research has yet to establish a direct causal relationship between stress itself and ill health.

The Unrecognized Mind-Body Connection

Indeed, there is a mind-body connection, but it differs significantly from conventional wisdom and remains largely unknown to both medical practitioners and patients. This connection revolves around the potent emotions we unconsciously repress, hidden deep within us.

The Power of Repressing our Emotion

Repression, often viewed negatively, is, in fact, one of evolution's most significant gifts. It enables us to shield ourselves from overwhelming emotions that could otherwise engulf us. While emotional distress is a universal experience, many of us unknowingly keep extremely powerful and potentially overwhelming emotions at bay, thanks to the marvel of repression. This hidden ability contributes significantly to our emotional resilience in the face of severe stress or trauma.

The Protective Role of Emotional Repression

Repression keeps these powerful emotions hidden from our awareness for years or even decades, providing protection during trying times. It safeguards individuals like the child who loses a parent suddenly, the immigrant facing insurmountable challenges in a new land, or victims of trauma and extreme stress.

The Hidden Costs

When considering the mind-body connection, we often overlook a crucial question: which is more likely to cause or contribute to chronic medical conditions - the day-to-day anger, anxiety, or sadness we acknowledge, or the much more potent, repressed emotions that linger unseen for years?

These hidden emotions, even though we are not aware of them, can have profound physiological effects, activating the sympathetic nervous system and triggering chronic inflammation. These effects may play a role in various medical conditions that continue to perplex the medical community.

Repressed Emotion and Chronic Illness

In Dr. Mann's latest book: "Hidden Within Us", he explores the largely unnoticed role of repressed emotions in our health. He discusses their relevance to common chronic conditions such as hypertension, chronic fatigue syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic pain syndromes, and migraines. While repressed emotion isn't the cause of illness in every case, these hidden emotions are a significant factor in a substantial proportion of patients.

Implications and Treatment Avenues

This groundbreaking perspective opens doors to novel treatment approaches. For some, gaining awareness of repressed emotions can swiftly resolve chronic medical conditions. However, awareness might not be feasible for all, especially survivors of severe trauma where the protective barrier of repression might still be necessary. Fortunately, even in cases where awareness isn't an option, this understanding leads to effective pharmacologic options that are rarely considered.

A New Frontier in Medicine

The role of repressed emotions has been conspicuously absent from decades of mind-body research, a testament to the power of repression itself. This newfound understanding unlocks a truly innovative frontier in both medicine and psychology, offering hope and healing for conditions that have long confounded us.



Hidden Within Us: A Radical New Understanding of the Mind-Body Connection

This award-winning book by Dr. Mann dives deep into the relationship between repressed emotion and illness. Our ability to repress emotions is a vital gift of evolution, but, silently, the emotions we've repressed do persist and can affect our health years later. This recognition can lead to new pathways to understanding, treatment, and healing.